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Renegade Ponies is a family farm that is dedicated to raising family safe Arabian Ponies. Our herd sire is Blazing Renegade aka Reno, a reg. Half Arabian bay pony, or better yet, Arabian Pony! So here we are! Arabian Ponies are of course Arabians crossed with pony breeds that will not detract from the Arabian type! Welcome and enjoys our ponies! Feel free to check out our ponies and sales list! Please Keep It Clean as this is a family site!

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Renegade Farm Arabian Ponies is a family run adventure and is all about creating a safe and gentle family pony with Arabian blood that is also beautiful that can be used for trail riding, working cows as well as excel in the show ring! All our ponies are kid tested and mother approved by our 6 kids and approved by me, the mom! Our stud Blazing Renegade aka Reno has proven to produce to this ideal! We offer ponies and horses for sale and stand our stallion to outside mares. We also have taken in Arabians that were in need of homes and placed them in good homes to make sure they didn't end up in the sale yard! We also have create the Arabian Pony Registry of America for all Arabian Ponies of North America at

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Meet more of our horse family!

We have added a few paint fillies to our herd this past year to cross with Reno so here they are!

Sweety is an unregistered Red/White paint filly that we got with Mocha! Both her parents are reg paints but she was an oops. When her owner passed away, nobody knew who she was in the herd as all other horses had papers except her. Through pictures taken when she was only a couple months old. we figured out who her parents were! We have no idea what he called her before, but she was named Sweety because of her disposition!

Next is Spooks Painted Lena aka "Mocha", another reg. bay/white paint 3 year old filly. Mocha has a special place at our house because she is so good natured. She was stunted when she was younger so she is only about 13.2 hands tall but that is perfect for our daughter that fell in love with her! She is in your pocket and a kid horse future is planned for her.

Thank you Lois and Bud for letting us have these wonderful girls in our lives!

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Anonymous Cathy said...

Nice web-site, and nice family who really care about horses! I spoke with Jean, and was really impressed with her knowledge about horses, and her caring for those unwanted ones. I will definitely do business with this ranch.

9:28 PM  
Blogger renegadeponies said...

Thanks! We look forward to finding good homes for some of the rescues!

8:50 AM  

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