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Renegade Ponies is a family farm that is dedicated to raising family safe Arabian Ponies. Our herd sire is Blazing Renegade aka Reno, a reg. Half Arabian bay pony, or better yet, Arabian Pony! So here we are! Arabian Ponies are of course Arabians crossed with pony breeds that will not detract from the Arabian type! Welcome and enjoys our ponies! Feel free to check out our ponies and sales list! Please Keep It Clean as this is a family site!

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Renegade Farm Arabian Ponies is a family run adventure and is all about creating a safe and gentle family pony with Arabian blood that is also beautiful that can be used for trail riding, working cows as well as excel in the show ring! All our ponies are kid tested and mother approved by our 6 kids and approved by me, the mom! Our stud Blazing Renegade aka Reno has proven to produce to this ideal! We offer ponies and horses for sale and stand our stallion to outside mares. We also have taken in Arabians that were in need of homes and placed them in good homes to make sure they didn't end up in the sale yard! We also have create the Arabian Pony Registry of America for all Arabian Ponies of North America at

Friday, September 12, 2008

What we are up too these days!

Well, where do I start? I guess I could try counting all the pints of jam, quarts and half gallon jars of juice, the jelly, now working on fruit leather plus more juice.......I am so tired of looking at my kitchen these days! I have been in my kitchen all week and seriously need some riding time! I did sneek out Wednesday for a quick ride on Reno with Michaela on Jazz and looking for elderberries was my excuse. Wait a minute, do I really want to look for more berries? It's just that elderberries are so good and the jam is so good on fresh homemade bisuits in the morning.....yum!

So we have been busy as bees around here, well I have at least putting up some food for winter. The kids have started the school year so back to the books for them and they were so tickled when we got the email for their foreign language classes through Rosetta Stone! So yesterday was the first day of Swahili for Michaela, Portuguese for Maria, and Spanish for Hannah! So I of course had to take a small break from the kitchen to see how it worked and boy that was actually kinda fun for me too!

last week we took a few horses down to a local arena and had some fun with Jazz, Tucker and believe it or not, I rode Hal for the second time! He did pretty good, we even got to trot a bit so I was proud of him. We took some videos of him being sacked out and working under saddle with our group of horses and then we couldn't unload the vids from the camera we borrowed from a friend.....ugh. So now hubby says he is going to buy our own camera to do our own that will be fun! I hope to make it back down to the arena early next week so I can leave my kitchen behind me for a little while at least.

The little chihuahua puppies are growing like weeds now and they are so stinkin cute! They run around, bark their cute little barks and growl their cute little growls, wag their cute little tails! I can't believe we have to part with these little buggers! They love to play with our 3 yr old german shepherd Zoe and she of course just adores them and loves on them as much as mommy will allow her to. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....what am I thinking about anyway? Oh well, the thought escapes me....oh ya, they are so cute! Wait, it was that we need to sell them darn it all!

So, back to the dungion...I mean kitchen I go and be the hermit I have become this week. At least I have some good cd's to listen too and the kids to keep me somewhat sain. Jarrom will read his books to me while I work and Gid sits at me feet on a stool with his work so doing the canning is not so boring with their little stories and ideas.

Well my apricotts are juicing, the fruit leather is drying and more canning jars are screaming for a washing, well not really but you know what I mean ok! If you don't know what I mean, come on over and you can help me can! While you are here feel free to help me clean my house after it being ignored all week with 6 kids in the house! UGH! Did I mention I am sain....I think!? Can Flylady just come clean my house for me every week so I can just play with ponies, puppies and kids all week, everyday, and play play play to my little hearts content? OK I better really get back to work!

Till next time, Happy Canning and Happy Trails from the little house in the 60 acre woods!


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