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Renegade Ponies is a family farm that is dedicated to raising family safe Arabian Ponies. Our herd sire is Blazing Renegade aka Reno, a reg. Half Arabian bay pony, or better yet, Arabian Pony! So here we are! Arabian Ponies are of course Arabians crossed with pony breeds that will not detract from the Arabian type! Welcome and enjoys our ponies! Feel free to check out our ponies and sales list! Please Keep It Clean as this is a family site!

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Renegade Farm Arabian Ponies is a family run adventure and is all about creating a safe and gentle family pony with Arabian blood that is also beautiful that can be used for trail riding, working cows as well as excel in the show ring! All our ponies are kid tested and mother approved by our 6 kids and approved by me, the mom! Our stud Blazing Renegade aka Reno has proven to produce to this ideal! We offer ponies and horses for sale and stand our stallion to outside mares. We also have taken in Arabians that were in need of homes and placed them in good homes to make sure they didn't end up in the sale yard! We also have create the Arabian Pony Registry of America for all Arabian Ponies of North America at

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hals latest successes under saddle!

First of all, I am writing this update with the cutest chihauhua puppy on my lap while I listen to the two chirping banty chicks that we were handed a week ago to see if we could save them as their mother had abandoned them....It reminds me of Doctor Doolittle!

Well last week we went to the arena twice and the first time I have already written about. We went back Thursday and what a great day we had! I can't really say enough about how well Hal is doing under saddle! We had a great time reinforcing his trot and moved on to his canter. All I can say is WOW what a flowing canter he has. I am really enjoying that colt much more than I ever thought I would. I knew he was going to make someone a nice horse, but now I have an idea just how nice he is going to be!

Anyway, here are some pictures that Maria took for me of Hal and I doing our first canter lesson. he works on a loose rein, very responsive to leg pressure, loads easily, trims, bathes, he is just an all around nice gelding!

Ok, Now I can't resist showing off some other pics we got of Mia and Halie! Can't forget Desperado either I guess!
On the down side for Desperado(at least from his point of view), he is becoming a gelding today. My fairier once told me that a great stallion makes and even better gelding! I know Desperado has the makings for a good stallion, but I would rather see him trotting around a showring with a kid on his back and enjoying be rode around the country side without a worry in the world about whether that cute little palomino mare is in season or not! So here's to you Desperado, the cutest gelding around these parts!

Happy Trails!


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Blogger Shannon said...

Hi! I was researching saddles for my Arabian pony cross, and came across your wonderful blog! I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help me with a few questions I had about saddles. My pony is 13.1, but doesn't have any typical pony features other than the short stature. Everything else is fine boned Arabian! I'm currently using a KN Dressage saddle on him, but it looks ridiculously huge. I was hoping to find a western or Australian saddle for him, but I'm having the hardest time! Would you mind telling me where you get your saddles for your Arab/Pony crosses, or at least point me in an online direction? I really do appreciate your help.

11:37 AM  

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