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Renegade Ponies is a family farm that is dedicated to raising family safe Arabian Ponies. Our herd sire is Blazing Renegade aka Reno, a reg. Half Arabian bay pony, or better yet, Arabian Pony! So here we are! Arabian Ponies are of course Arabians crossed with pony breeds that will not detract from the Arabian type! Welcome and enjoys our ponies! Feel free to check out our ponies and sales list! Please Keep It Clean as this is a family site!

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Location: Northwest, United States

Renegade Farm Arabian Ponies is a family run adventure and is all about creating a safe and gentle family pony with Arabian blood that is also beautiful that can be used for trail riding, working cows as well as excel in the show ring! All our ponies are kid tested and mother approved by our 6 kids and approved by me, the mom! Our stud Blazing Renegade aka Reno has proven to produce to this ideal! We offer ponies and horses for sale and stand our stallion to outside mares. We also have taken in Arabians that were in need of homes and placed them in good homes to make sure they didn't end up in the sale yard! We also have create the Arabian Pony Registry of America for all Arabian Ponies of North America at

Monday, December 31, 2007


Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!!!

Quick update.....We are starting to gear up for Ride the West again this year and it is shaping up to be a filled 3 days once again. Josh Lyons is even coming back again!!!!!! We are going to be looking for other Arabian Ponies to join us if they want to at Ride the West this year, so if you are interested, let us know by emailing us at

I also want to put a plug in for the Twin Willows Equestrian Center in Deer Park. They have a wonderful facility and other horse people can use their great facilities for training year round for a very affordable price. Be sure to check their calendar of events for ride time available and for their schooling shows!

We hope this new year finds your families doing well and riding lots!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Christmas Season is upon us and I want to take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We had a great family day today teaching our kids the finer points of target shooting with 22 rifles and boy was it fun! I'm affraid the tin cans and water bottles were mutilated and lost the battle!

The ponies are doing great and seem to have adjusted to their new home. We have 2 new pastures up now and plan on 2 more for next year if we can sell a pony or two to buy the supplies.

The kids are really enjoying being back here in the trees and love taking walks! Our neighbor has yaks and they get a kick out of watching them too! Yaks really are cool looking up close!

We also had two litters of chihuahuas born last Nov and will be offering the pups for sale after Christmas!

May our thoughts be centered on the true meaning of Christmas and find some small way to help those around us! May we have a new centered focus on what is important in life and to truley find happiness in our lives!

I pray God will bless you this year with love and happiness in your families, friends and work.

Keep smiling!

Tritons Hallany Dream Arab Connemara Gelding Update

Were do I begin with Hal? Hal is another one that has gone above what we expected! He is about 14.1-2 and coming 3 this May and is still growing. He has so much potential as a sport horse! He is sired by Connemara stallion Skyviews Triton who stands at Lone Pine Farm and was the last son of Custushas Cashel Rock aka "Rocky" who could jump 7ft.

Hal is maturing so nicely and is an adorablely sweet guy! he learns quickly and is always eager to please. He is definantly a sport horse/pony contender. We plan to show him In Hand and in Walk/Trot classes this year. He is registered half Arabian and is elegible for the Half Connemara Society.

Don't look any further for your next serious competitor! If you want more info on Hal, contact us at Renegade Farm Arabian Ponies

RP Desperado Update!

Just thought I would show some updated pics of Desperado. he is so cute and really has surpassed what we were expecting! He is a rare silver bay, sabino/overo, rabicano roan! He is one sweet natured boy that loves people! He is registered with the Arabian Pony Registry of America and has an impressive pedigree! Enjoy the pics!
He is stallion and sport pony/show quality all the way and we would sell him to the right home only! Please contact us if you are interested in this fine weanling colt! Click here to email us at Renegade Ponies